Course Description

Created by fellow Canadian James Gosling, Java is a programming language that is class-based and object-oriented. It is a secure, architecturally neutral, and dynamic language that continues to improve and stun the world. For that reason (amongst many others), Java is the only language used on the Computer Science AP Exam.
This course is designed for the preparation of AP CPSC Exam.
The Length of course and progress varies in accordance with the student’s level of knowledge and understanding. We have to do an assessment, and then make a personalized learning plan for each student. Please feel free to contact us.



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How much is the course?

For the majority of our courses, the cost is $240.00 CAD + GST, which is 252/month including 4 sessions.
However we often offer deals or packages, we encourage you to contact us to inquire! By the way, you don’t have to bring your equipment.

What if the time doesn't fit?

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