We want your child to discover and broaden their potential in the world of programming. That’s why Geekedu’s studying path is carefully crafted in order for your child to learn complex concepts and develop skills, at an appropriate pace.

Our content, based on creating games, uses the fun of video games to convert children from playing video games to developing video games.

Junior Courses 

for ages 7 – 11.


Beginning with Scratch and ending with Junior Python, our junior courses are designed to help your child develop a strong foundation in programming. With these courses, our main objective is to introduce your child to programming and teach them transferable skills that will make them better coders and thinkers.


New to coding? Give your child a head start into the world of computer programming with our Scratch course
This course is designed to introduce coding and personalized game development.

App Inventor

Children with a strong understanding of Scratch will be ready to begin using MIT’s App Inventor.
students will produce apps for practicality and leisure.

JR Minecraft

In our Junior Minecraft course, students will learn how their drag-and-drop coding gets translated into syntax and how changing their code affects outcomes.

JR Python

After becoming well-versed in visual programming techniques through Scratch and App Inventor, students are now prepared to advance to Junior Python.

Teen Courses

for ages 11 and up.


At Geekedu, our intermediate courses aid passionate students to continue strengthening their programming skills and learn to combine problem-solving with code. They will translate their ideas from pen and paper onto the internet. Your child will develop their own creations with nothing but code!


Roblox is one of the world’s fastest growing online games. As our official partner, Roblox provides a fun and practical platform where students learn both syntax-based and drag-and-drop coding approach.
This course will help students transition from a visual programming language to syntax-based programming.


Now students are ready for the text-based challenges. we aim for your child to have a strong understanding of advanced concepts like data science and artificial intelligence.
Furthermore, we are going to have CCC contest with Python.


Java is a programming language found in every computer and is the only language used in the AP Computer Science Exam.
Students will discover everything about this language, including why this programming language reads and processes code the way it does.

Computer Science Contest

Computer Science contests offer challenges that will test your child’s ability to adapt to the new technologically dependant world. Your child will have to use what they’ve learnt in order to find new ways to solve problems the world faces. Besides prizes, your child will gain valuable lessons in learning to think for themselves and the future.


(Grade 5&6 | 7&8 | 9&10)

BCC is offered by the University of Waterloo and the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing. This contest is designed to challenge introductory computing and programming students. It is recommended to children who completed Scratch Study.


CCC is the most highly regarded computing contest in Canada. Offered by the University of Waterloo, the CCC is a challenging competition that tests students’ ability to create and code with algorithms. Performing well on the CCC demonstrates a students’ strength in computing.


The ACSL is an international contest league, sponsored by Google. Students will be testing their programming skills and going head-to-head against worldwide competitors. This series consists of 4 contests, and, teams that perform well are then invited to compete against the crème de la crème in the All-Star Contest.

Math Contest


Math is a universal language. Similar to coding, math requires computational thinking and problem-solving. Contest math is completely different from what students learn in the classroom. Students who perform well in math contests are often considered first for university and scholarship decisions.


(Grade 5&6 | 7&8 | 9&10)
Under the guidance of UBC, SFU, and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS), ELMACON is a one-day competition hosted annually at UBC. This competition is perfect for students from grades 5 to 7 to get a taste of mathematics in a contest setting.


(Grades 3&4, 5&6, 7&8, 9&10, 11&12)
Sponsored by the illustrious Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences and Canadian Mathematical Society, the Caribou Contest Series is an international competition for students between grades 3 and 12. This contest specializes in motivating students to create unconventional solutions.


Offered by the mathematically renowned University of Waterloo, the Euclid Mathematics Contest is one of the most competitive math contests students can write. In total, the contest is 2.5 hours long and a number of universities reference standings in this competition during admission decisions.

Answer Your Questions

How much is the course?

For the majority of our courses, the cost is $240.00 CAD + GST, which is 252/month including 4 sessions.
However we often offer deals or packages, we encourage you to contact us to inquire! By the way, you don’t have to bring your equipment.

What is the pre-requisite of taking the courses?

Our prerequisites for our courses are usually that you have taken the course preceding it. However, we understand that some students have studied computer programming either independently or elsewhere. In that case, we encourage you to contact us and inquire for a free assessment in order for us to recommend a course corresponding to your child’s skill level.

What if the time doesn't fit?

Please contact us with your concerns.